日本初輸入DO認証 ボデガ・ラ・キンタより新商品が発売!

News New arrival

Bodega La  Quinta(ボデガ・ラ・キンタ)から新商品が発売いたしました!

A new product has been released from Bodega La Quinta !


The featured product this time is a vegan wine that has received vegan certification.

ラ・キンタ バティスカフォ 18

La Quinta Batiscafo






It is recommended even for those practicing modern healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

The wine is full-bodied, characteristic of Spanish wine, and is rich in fruit flavor, but its impressive quality is its perfume and bouquet-like aroma!



The Milonga that was sold out for a while is now available at a lower price than before due to the elimination of tariffs!





ラ・キンタ ミロンガ 18

La Quinta Milonga






Mamba  is a wine that is reminiscent of Bordeaux wine, made from 100% Tempranillo of the highest quality from Ribera del Duero. Aged 5 months in American oak. A vanilla aroma derived from black cherry, plums, and the barrel. It has a very rich and dense fruit flavor and a good balance of acids and silky tannins.

ラ・キンタ マンバ 18 

La Quinta Mamba









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